From the 2020 SRYC Commodore

Welcome ALL to another year at the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club!  I am honored and privileged to be your Commodore for the 2020 season.

My time with SRYC has spanned many decades, looking back through the years. It seems like an eternity since my family moved to Fair Haven in 1986 from North New Jersey.  I soon became fast friends with LR Laggy whose parents, Bud & Pam Laggy, were members of the club inviting us to endless hours waterskiing on the Navesink and as occasional guests for dinner.  My parents soon became members themselves in the late 80’s. Sadly, my father passed away in the Summer of ’90 and I still remember fondly the countless SRYC members who came to share their respects in formal club attire, attending both the wake and funeral.

On a more positive note, Renée and I eloped in 2002 and never looking for an excuse to have a party, my mother hosted a post wedding celebration at the club on a Saturday afternoon in the Summer.  Seven years later we became members ourselves and shortly thereafter Renee held a 40th surprise birthday party for me at SRYC.  In our second season at SRYC, Renée and I were asked to be Entertainment Committee Chairs and introduced some popular club parties; Casino Night and Pub Nights to name a few.  There is plenty more Hile lore, but the rest is history.

The SRYC objectives are to encourage boating and its allied activities, demonstrate safe boating and proper etiquette afloat and foster good fellowship and participation among members and their families. This of course means different things to different people but for Renée and I, SRYC has been a place to volunteer our time, socialize and dock our boat.  The degree for each member is variable but I believe the message is the same; by attending events and overall participation in the club comes the opportunity of meeting new people.  We have been fortunate to have developed great friendships over the years that will remain even outside the seasonality of the club.

Thank you to all members who have and continue to participate through volunteering their time year after year and help continue to advocate for the club’s future.  Because of past Commodores, the Board of Governors, Committees and members that work tirelessly behind the scenes – the club and its’ membership would not be where it is today without their participation.

Like years past, we look forward to working hard and playing hard as well. The social calendar will be full of events both on and off the water that I hope will be enjoyed by all, including guests, children and grandchildren.

In parting, SRYC has played a big part in my life as evidenced above and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Chris Hile

Commodore 2020